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Red Dead Redemption

According to a Korean website listing, Red Dead Redemption will be making its way to current generation consoles and PC by way of a remaster. This seems a bit suspect as the game was recently added to Xbox One's backward compatibility list, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

The website, GameFocus, mentions that their source confirms a PC and PS4 release, but says that the Xbox One version may be skipping Korean shelves. The original Korean release did not have a full translation (instead opting to include the script with the game), so this may be the first time Korean gamers will get the full experience.

We'll know for certain if this is true or not on September 7. According to this website, the game should be announced at Sony's big reveal event for the PlayStation 4 Neo. Call me a skeptic, but I don't see Rockstar using a Sony sponsored event to announce a game for Xbox One.

Solo Masterpieces 'Red Dead Redemption' remastered version Korean Tuesday confirmed [GameFocus]

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