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Id's RAGE was sort of a cross between Fallout and Borderlands, and there was plenty to do in the post-apocalyptic wasteland caused by an enormous meteor smashing into the earth. It had a pretty good driving engine for the Mad Max inspired vehicles you'd come across, and the voice work was excellent, featuring a major character played by John Goodman. RAGE was fairly successful when it released in 2011, but those who missed it now have a new way to play.

RAGE was already backwards compatible on the Xbox One, but it had never been available digitally before, requiring a physical copy to play on a console. Starting today, the title can be downloaded from Xbox LIVE for about $15.

RAGE is somewhat significant since it was the last game John Carmack programmed as an employee of id software before jumping ship to join Oculus. If you should happen to find the fellow up in the header image, ask him how he feels about having two knives.

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