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Quantum Break: news and videos


Quantum Break

It isn't really a surprise to find out that a game is 40+ GB in this day and age. Its kind of a sad reality, but it makes some sense. Impressive graphics are gonna eat up space. What is really pushing it is when an upgrade patch for a game is larger than the game itself. Quantum Break is getting an Xbox One X patch with fresh, new 4K assets and that specific patch clocks in around 50 GB. Along with another patch that probably enables 4K support, Quantum Break now occupies roughly 102 GB in total.

One of the ways that developer Remedy got around the limited hard drive space of the original Xbox One was by streaming the video portion of the game to consoles. If you wanted to download those files in higher quality, you'd have to set aside 75 GB for the opportunity. With this new Xbox One X patch and that video file, you're looking at around 178 GB to fit the entirety of Quantum Break on your brand new Xbox One X. That is roughly 17.8% of the default 1 TB hard drive. Holy shit!

This echoes the 100 GB download that Forza 7 had on PC. 4K assets are huge and as we move into the era where games are made specifically for 4K TV sets, that size is only going to get bigger. The real issue is that data caps and bandwidth limits exist in the US and developers aren't taking steps to accommodate that. What is someone on a military base supposed to do with their Xbox One X and Quantum Break? There would be no point in even attempting to download that patch, because it would probably destroy the internet in the surrounding area.

At least the Xbox One and PS4 have support for external hard drives, because there is no way either console manufacturer is going to start offering 4 TB hard drives in the near future. At some point, though, the individual size of supported drives is going to have a limit and you'll end up needing multiple hard drives connected to your console like some kind of Frankenstein's monster. Then we'll be getting into an issue with power consumption and this is just insane. UGH! We need to remedy this, I made a pun!

Quantum Break With Xbox One X Enhancements Balloons To 178GB [Game Informer]

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