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Well well, this is nice surprise. Despite prior claims that Remedy and Microsoft Studios' Quantum Break would be a "Windows Store exclusive," the time-bending shooter is breaking free with a Steam release on September 14, 2016. Wait long enough and most anything can become a timed exclusive.

On the same day, a collector's edition by way of Nordic Games will launch with a making-of Blu-ray and book, the soundtrack on CD, two posters, a "quickstart guide," and the game itself on five discs (with a one-time Steam key redemption required). That'll cost $39.99, which is also the new baseline price for Quantum Break starting today on Xbox One and the Windows Store.

In case you passed on the free upgrade to Windows 10 that ended last month, Remedy has noted that the Steam (and retail) version of the game will "run on Windows 7 and up (64-bit)." You're good!

I've heard not-so-great things about the initial PC build, but it's in a much better place these days. While this is a game that doesn't live up to its full potential in a number of areas (the live-action television show and the time-is-effed puzzle setpieces, to name just two), it's one I'd recommend at $40.

Special Edition of Quantum Break for PC Hitting Retail and Steam on September 14 [Xbox]

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