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How to evolve Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you've caught yourself a Galarian Slowpoke, and you're wondering how you go about making it a Slowbro? Fear not! I'll be breaking down everything you'll need to achieve the Slowbro dream and achieve evolutionary success with your Slowpo...


Review: Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor

Pokemon Sword and Shield were a pair of polarizing games, weren't they? Despite my complaints with them, I ended up finishing both, netting a full living Pokedex. Yet, during those lengthy journeys I noticed some of this generatio...



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City of Monsters, my new album, has been released on Free to download with the option to pay if you 11 8 boss battles, 1 final boss I enjoyed making this

Czar Kazem

I go on Twitter and people are all angsty about a new open world game getting a bunch of attention and I come to dtoid and everyones all YE TSUSHIMA YEYEYEYEYEYEYE and thats why dtoid is better than Twitter

Major Toms Coffee Cup

So you ghost of tshushima hopefuls, gonna be a samurai or a ghost? Im leaning towards being a


Ta da!


Finished Deadly Premonition 2 last Thoughts in the No




This is really cute, but $229 cute? idk about that, but still thats pretty

Yue chan

Ok so I’m on my like 3 maybe 4 play through of BOTW and I’m almost done with it but starting to get a little burnt Soo should I take a break and try out Astral Chain?


So, whos hyped to get all stabby stabby?

Pixie The Fairy

If you have Netflix, there is an excellent documentary called Disclosure in which transgender actors make a very thorough breakdown of Hollywood and the medias past and present mishandling of transgender characters and how that is



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