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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS: news and videos


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Dunkirk"Take a bow, Mr. Nolan, and cue the applause"


Fallen Legion"A Divided War"


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil"Seeds of Tedium"


Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!"Never too late to get lewd in North Korea"


Splatoon 2"Stay just as fresh"


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Strange that of all the Amiibo that came out today, the only one I couldnt find was the new inkling I even saw both

Hypno Coffin

The story of Uncle Terry


New at the I cant get Jittery as hell now I may be drinking too Dont Its Going to make my self Make it a Next week, I hear theres going to be free lines of coke in the break


Man, Heal League is some bullshit

Double Monocles

A 34gb patch for DOOM?! You can keep the free multiplayer levels, Im not going to play them anyway! Id rather have the hard drive space!


Question: When you read Dragon Ball FighterZ does the voice in your head pronounce it Fighters or Fighter Z? Cuz I know which one sounds better to

On Air Fish

The radio station that I work for is participating an event called Bowl For Kids I need to raise for my part (benefits Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Link is in *Repost because I havent been able to raise anything yet*


Im rewatching Acchi Its the most adorable #CatgirlFriday


When people tell me to eat kale


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