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Plague Inc. is getting a free mode where you save the world

Shit got a little too real. Just before the global outbreak of COVID-19, Plague Inc saw a spike in concurrent players as people evidently wanted to simulate how an epidemic-turned-pandemic could potentially wipe out civilization. Plagu...

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Plague Inc: Evolved leaves Early Access soon

After nearly two years and some 800,000 copies sold, Plague Inc: Evolved is ready for a full release on Windows, Mac, and Linux. That'll happen next Thursday, February 18. "By the time we launch, 18 major Evolutions (updates) will have been...

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You can now play Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam

Today is February 20, 2014, otherwise known as the day Plague Inc: Evolved came to Steam Early Access. It's $14.99 in its current "stable and polished" but feature-incomplete state. Developer Ndemic Creations has explained what's available...

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Plague Inc: Evolved headed to Steam with multiplayer

Ndemic Creations' Plague Inc. is one of those mobile games to do so well that it would be silly not to bring it to other platforms, in this case PC. An expanded version of the game, Plague Inc: Evolved, is headed to Steam Early Access on Fe...



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