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Video game merch company Algernon Product have released images of an upcoming set of soft toys, designed after the hipster heroes of Persona 5. The quirky spherical plushies are part of the "Cocorot" range.

Measuring an adorable 70mm in height, there are nine characters available in all. Each plushie is magnetised so they can be perched without rolling away. Although they will be sold via that monstrous method known as "Blind Boxes", it is possible to just purchase an entire set. Early runs of the the complete set will also come with an exclusive Phantom Thieves calling card.

The Cocorot Persona 5 Plushies can be pre-ordered from Amazon.jp or the Japanese Atlus store and are expected to release in May. A Blind Box featuring one character costs ¥950 (or just under $10) while a full set of nine characters costs ¥8,554 (or around $80) not including shipping or customs charges.

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