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Persona 5: news and videos


Persona 5

One of my favorite things about playing RPGs set in Japan (before I was able to visit for myself last year for the first time!) is wandering the streets and learning new customs. The Yakuza series (minus the egregious cuts for 3) was renown for this with its activities like hostess bars and Shogi minigames, but many others feature Tokyo-like settings, including Persona 5.

As the game gears up for a September 15 release date in Japan (brace for spoilers!), Atlus has shared the maid cafe mechanic, which provides stat boosts, much like the tea houses in Persona 3. Everything about Persona 5 (including the adorable new cat mascot Morgana) is ticking all the right boxes. Hopefully we get a "Golden" (Platinum?) release on Vita some day.

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