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The recent New Game+ update for Overcooked 2 that added an unlockable fourth star on every level was a nice gesture for high-score chasers, and I'm still working my way through the lot. But, above all, I just wanted more kitchens. That's al...



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Im in this picture and I dont like it


CORSAIR - K70 RGB LOW PROFILE RAPIDFIRE is on sale for only $84 right Someone asked about my keyboard the other day so just throwing it out I had the tall key one but this one has low profile keys and is very Ill link to


I just finished the new content in Genshin Impact and the quality of the writing and the direction of the cutscenes suddenly got Why couldnt they have done that before?



Just Aaron

Man, I love wearing I`m 36 and have always worn shorts under my I`m talking about basket ball shorts under my cut off Jnco Bought some high quality underwear a few months ago and their`s no going So warm and Love it


I think I understand why people like Salt & Vinegar crisps now


whats in this package?


A rather mild #Cursedmas that’s in my home

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Crumble, a high-speed 3D platformer with a grappling hook, is out on Steam Havent heard of it until just now, but it looks Imagine Gooey from Kirby if he somehow absorbed Sonic and





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