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Review: OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes

As Cartoon Network begins losing the major cartoon shows that brought the network to the forefront of animation over the last decade, they're going to need to turn to shows with a great amount of promise and throw all of their support behin...


Capybara's new game OK K.O.! is out this month

I've missed Capybara these past few years. With Below still indefinitely delayed, the next project we'll see out of the studio is OK K.O.!: Let's Play Heroes, a beat-'em-up based on Cartoon Network's video-game-inspired animated show. It's ...



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Jinx 01

Doing a DJ stream at 9 EST on Twitch tonight if anyones Darkwave, synthpop, your usual goth club Goths are just geeks who wear black! <3




When you succumb to clickbait that promises Willem Dafoe as Joker in new Robert Pattinson Batman!!! I would ask how someone can fuck that up, but this is how someone can fuck that Also the artist clarifies: Done in Photoshop, case you didnt


Relevant now!


Oh right while its pacman day or whatever


Gully Foyle is my name And Terra is my nation Deep space is my dwelling place And the stars my destination


Pac-man represents the evil bourgeoisie and the ghosts are the proletariats just trying to hold on to what they


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Damien Quicksilver

There once was a man who would the man who can eat the he ate ate only occasional side-dish of wrote that a very long time I think I’ve shared it before, but with Pac-Man 99


Yes, I am okay with Behold, it is cat!



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