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Storm's Adventure with Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Damn, I knew this was going to happen. New Super Mario Bros. U proved to be entertaining and distracting. I guess this is "Playing Catch Up to the Catch Up". In continuation of "Playing Catch Up", my next upload was Need for Speed: Mo...


Super smexy Need For Speed: Most Wanted trailer

So ... Burnout is awesome. Always has been, always will be. And while it is true that we haven't seen a true game from that franchise in a while, Criterion has been doing its best to bring all of the insane, anarchic fun we know and love f...


gamescom: Get all the cars in Need for Speed Most Wanted

At EA's gamescom press conference today in Cologne, Germany, it was revealed that just about all of the cars will be unlocked from the start of upcoming racer Need for Speed: Most Wanted. So, no more unlocking. Wait, what? I'm so used...


Need for Speed: Most Wanted pre-order bonuses detailed

Electronic Arts and Criterion Games have come out with the pre-order incentives for this year's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. By putting money down early at participating retailers, you'll get three free packs: Speed Pack: The Caterham Supe...


E3: Need for Speed: Most Wanted sure feels like Burnout

I freaking love Burnout. Rewarding wanton destruction in a race is right up there with the printing press for the greatest accomplishment of our species. When Criterion took the stage at the EA press conference, I hoped it was a new, full-f...


E3: Outrun the coppers in NFS: Most Wanted for iOS

I know, these Need for Speed subtitles are getting a bit confusing, but the games are anything but. People seem to find something appealing about driving sexy, nasty cars that break the $100K mark, and playing chicken with the authorities w...


E3: Criterion creating next Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Criterion Games is bringing back speed and high-stakes action in their upcoming reboot of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The scenic vistas and sun-soaked highways return with more destructible items and explosions then before. The big additi...



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Need for Speed Payback"Maybe it's time for another Burnout instead?"


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Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition is free on Humble Store until tomorrow at noon! It didnt quite live up to No More Heroes, but it was a stylish game in its own


Well, I guess time for SF V Season 3 could be: Sagat, Sakura, Blanka, a char called mayor(I guess Haggar?), President (could be Gill or the president concept they never used in IV) and another female The leaks are by Flowtron who leaked S2


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