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Mutant Mudds Deluxe

I love going back into Mutant Mudds and trying to tackle any given level. Over the years (the now defunct) Renegade Kid added in some really challenging levels, all of which were compiled for the Deluxe edition of the game -- the same version that was just confirmed for Switch.

Yep, Atooi founder Jools Watsham (who was one half of the split) just re-confirmed it on Twitter (it was announced a while ago but we've seen no real progress since then), though we don't have a release date yet. It's another testament to the Siren's song of the Switch is for indies, as nearly everyone is porting over their Wii U projects to it.

There's plenty of incentive as the Switch is one of the hottest machines out at the moment, and is set to possibly surpass the Wii U as early as next year. I'm still very curious to see where it goes and if it can keep these sales figures up -- and what will happen if it doesn't reach the rip-roaring success that Nintendo has planned for it.

For now, we can chill and enjoy this bounty of indies.

Jools Watsham [Twitter]

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