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Another amiibo-centric game is on the way from Nintendo

Support for amiibo figures has been a bit mixed for me. Some games use them wonderfully in an ancillary manner (Captain Toad), and others utilize them in a way that adds a significant amount of gameplay (Shovel Knight), which are both prett...



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Battlefield V"V for victory"


Hitman 2"Hitting it again, man"


Tetris Effect"So much more than falling blocks"


Just Dance 2019"Just Subscribe"




The Grinch"Stink, Stank, Stunk"


The Girl in the Spider's Web"Great 'Girl,' lame 'Spider's Web'"


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DiVISIVE Shinobi

Futuristic Music time! For the best Futuristic racer! 2:36 is the final lap music for Outer Space: Meteor Stream


My only regret, is that I couldn’t fist them

Singapore Sling

#WaveWednesday TURN ME UP


PS3 Server Shutdown has been extended to 31 2019 I can still get in a few more Twisted Metal online matches till then


That time Stan Lee dressed up as Revolver

Spiders For Sale

I turned 30


Give me your


#WaveWednesday That goddamn Moby Dick is a real son of a

Chris Bradshaw

How about some Donkey Kong Vaporwave?





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