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With the launch of the 3DS eShop upon us, magical unicorn factory WayForward decided to bless DSiWare with a parting gift! Billed as a spiritual sequel to 2009's Mighty Flip Champs!, details on Mighty Milky Way have otherwise been extremely...



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One Piece: World Seeker "The real treasure was the sidequests we completed along the way"


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice"Quite the James Bond title"


Left Alive"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"


Golf Peaks"What is that peanut guy?"


The Division 2"Not as divisive"


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New Shantae


WOAH, New Shantae!!!!


As someone who worked in a movie theater, Sony, no one actually likes those pre-preview They make announcements seem

Chris Moyse

Thanks for the very kind message some of you left me in one of my articles I didnt reply as I didnt want to take away from the article topic, but it meant a lot, thankyou x


Heya guys, thanks to all who joined in on the PS4 game You guys are rad and I hope you enjoy the


How come my max is zero on the brackets? I still see 120 points standing strong and coming Its not over til its #teamPowerBottom

Electric Reaper

I doubt that balance is a high priority for the developers of a Some levels can be total bullshit or death traps, while others are almost Galak-Z taking away all your powerups after completing a season is also total


Thanks to Wes, Chris and Kevin for getting my account password (finally) We do have the best mods around here


Im Broken (now mostly fixed) laptop and being quite ill kept me have a video from the game Wailing Heights of a WereWolf singing Irish Folk

Silver the 3rd

Not sure what I did expect in the state of play, but, yeah that was Im saying this as someone who has been pretty loyal to Sony, albeit someone who never bought the gimmicks Sony tried to sell (PlayStation eye, move, 3d, ect): yikes



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