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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: news and videos


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

I'll be the first to admit that my video game collection is quite modest. It only fits into three shelves on an IKEA BILLY, and most of it taken up by mediocre PS2 platformers and GTA games I will probably never get round to playing. It's a host of what-ifs, "what-if-I-took-a-sabbatical-to-'find myself'-for-a-year"s and weekends lost to life admin and cleaning. You could say it's actually really rather sad. But I'm working on it, and there are still some items in there for which I have real stories to tell.

I'm aiming to build up a solid collection of PlayStation games, though I've branched out to DS games as well. One thing I don't put much emphasis on is how expensive a game is, or how rare it is. None of the games in my collection cost over €20 each, and while I wouldn't be against spending more, I don't think splashing out on more makes you a better collector. Instead, for me, it's about finding games I'm genuinely interested in or that have a history behind them, and most importantly, games that I will want to play at some point in time.

So, enough jabbering away – what are my proudest acquisitions? Note, this isn't a list of my favourite games, since some admittedly mediocre games have more than earned a place in my collection because of how oddly lovable they are. Let's go!

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