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Mega Man 10: news and videos


Mega Man 10

To Capcom's credit, it has been pretty open about securing re-releases, especially in the Mega Man department. There are some loose ends on certain platforms, but for the most part, the Virtual Console arena is a haven for Mega Man nostalgia, and even a handful of PSOne Classics have popped up on the PSN.

But Mega Man 9 and 10 are still a lost relic, mostly because they're not available on any current platform, or Steam. Speaking to the original co-developer of both, Inti Creates, Rockman Corner got the rundown. The gist is that naturally Capcom would need to let it happen, but Inti Creates is open to it.

At the very least I'd love to see an Xbox 360 to Xbox One backward compatibility jump for the fantastic Mega Man 9. But in the meantime, we can let Capcom know publicly that this is something we might want!

The Case for Mega Man 9 & 10 Ports: It's Up to Capcom, Says Inti Creates Rep [Rockman Corner]

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