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Any lineup following last month's PS Plus selection was always going to be disappointing, but at least Sony brought two big games into the mix. Starting next week, PS4 gamers will have access to Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo, both of which are pretty solid and worth checking out. Everything else is where it goes downhill.

If you have any love for Q*Bert and his propensity for cursing, steer clear of Q*Bert Reloaded. I bought it on PC during a Winter Sale a few years back for $1 and I thought it was a waste of money. How you can manage to screw up even an arcade ROM is beyond me, but Reloaded is just a terrible game.

The other titles I haven't really heard of, but a quick Google search for each isn't reassuring. I guess having two good PS4 games is enough, though it would have been nice to make the PS3 and Vita's last year on the service more memorable.

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