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Little Inferno

The rise of Facebook in the late '00s shifted how people use the internet. With the gradual shift away from simply being a networking site, game developers were given a new platform to create games on. Sadly, most of these developers (*cough* Zynga *cough*) made small Skinner Box games to sucker people out of their hard-earned money.

Many of these titles had a cute or interesting appeal, but they slowly become a boring slog of waiting out cool-down timers or paying to expedite the process. Essentially, make the game with a strong hook and then pad out the gameplay so that people who are still engaged get tempted to pry open their wallets.

Little Inferno is a satire of such games. More than just poking fun at things like FarmvilleLittle Inferno takes an insightful look at what drives people to play games and how real life can be neglected due to how alluring interactive entertainment can be.

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