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Limbo: news and videos



Limbo is a game that you can play pretty much anywhere. Since its 2010 release, it has made its way to almost every imaginable platform. Limbo doubles down on that mindset by coming to Xbox One for the second time.

Today, Limbo was added to Xbox One's catalog of Xbox 360 games that are available to play via backward compatibility. That's a good get for the program, as it's one of the defining indie titles of the last generation and it was temporarily exclusive to Microsoft's console. A lot of people owned that game on Xbox 360.

But, backward compatibility isn't the only way to play Limbo on Xbox One. In December 2014, Playdead's platformer also released there -- free to early adopters of the console and $10 for everyone else. That means many people now have two options for how to play Limbo on Xbox One. Some will find it to be overkill, but others will appreciate being able to enjoy a game they already bought once. 

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