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Review: Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds

Nostalgia is ridiculously powerful. Particularly in video games, we tend to get swept up in the nostalgia of our youth with experiences that shaped our taste in a genre or our interest in the medium altogether.  Legrand Legac...


Contest: Win a Switch copy of Legrand Legacy

Hearken back to the early 00s with this contest for Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds. Remember the days when you'd go to the store, pick a game off the shelf, and know you were about to experience 50+ hours of RPG goodness without any...



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Glad youre all enjoying In my childhood I chose the Die Hard Trilogy over Resident Evil and so never truly got into the

Dangus Taargus

Finished Sonic Colors Im surprised to find I enjoyed the 3D game more than its 2D counterpart, but then Colors is still largely 2D either The characterization and narrative was cute and unoffensive, the worlds were fun, and it had good music!


Man that part in Nier Replicant where you have to move slow in the room with projectiles is annoying as fuck to Mainly because its easy to make the analogue stick make your movement normal instead of slow by accident and have to restart the


Now that Ive got decent internet again, Im probably going to get back into Now just to figure out what to start off Pic


Trying to think of some witty comment to go with this, but Im drawing a


Anyone here know lot about FF XIV? Is it appealing to someone who likes traditional Final Fantasy, and not really into MMOs?


Tossing cherries in Belle Boomerangs Water Color #retro #belleboomerang #indiedev #gamedev


Finally wrapped up Cold Steel I have some issues with that story arc, mostly some nitpicks with some of the writing (pacing, Rean is kind of generic in the first two games, but damn if that ending didnt have me shed a tear or


Shout out to the IT folks at my high school who somehow got away w/ installing Battlefield 1942 on every desktop in the computer lab, you were the real MVP(s)



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