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Left 4 Dead: news and videos


Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead was an addictive experience upon its release in 2008. The game eschewed a standard single-player campaign for something that merged co-op and competitive play together with a unique AI system that would create disturbances based on the performance of your team. The ability to play as zombies (which were incredibly unique) was also a joy.

Fans were upset with the quick turn around Valve made with Left 4 Dead 2, but the company swore to support the original for as long as possible. A free DLC campaign (on PC) helped bridge the gap between the two games, but eventually the sequel overshadowed the former with the entirety of the first game being ported to L4D2.

Regardless of that, the developer behind the original game, Turtle Rock Studios, has released what it is dubbing the "lost episode" for the original Left 4 Dead. This episode, titled "Dam It," explains how the survivors got from "Dead Air" to "Blood Harvest," along with providing a few new maps for survival mode.

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