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League of Legends: news and videos


League of Legends

For most streamers, accumulating an audience is a grind. It takes years of slowly building a community, dedicating day after day to playing games in front of a camera. Eventually, they might have hundreds or even thousands of people tuning in to watch them. That's when they know they've made it.

League of Legends professional Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok says "nah" to all that. In his first ever Twitch stream, Faker set the service's all-time record for most concurrent viewers. As confirmed by Twitch, 245,100 people were tuned in at the same time to watch Faker play League of Legends this past Sunday.

This isn't the beginning of Faker's streaming career, though. He has streamed on Twitch competitor Abuzu for years now. That has seemingly ended. Twitch also announced a partnership that will see Faker and the entire SKT T1 team playing on Twitch for the foreseeable future.

It's an incredible first showing for Faker, and one that justifies Twitch's move to lock up the SKT team. Twitch is certainly happy with the numbers he's pulling, and fans are certainly happy with finally being able to see the world's best League of Legends player on a streaming service that they already frequent. 

Faker sets individual Twitch streaming record with 245,100 concurrent viewers [ESPN]

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