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League of Legends: Dominion

After four long years, Riot is finally putting League of Legends’ Dominion mode out to pasture.

In a post made on the League website, it was announced that due to a pathetically low percentage of active players (0.5%), all future support for Dominion has been stopped, and both the mode and Crystal Scar map will be removed completely on February 22.

With the amount of players logging into League every day, 0.5% is a much bigger number than you might think. This decision could be affecting a lot of players.

Dominion was intended to be a faster-paced version of the main game, with champions starting at level three and gaining gold and experience much more quickly. Games generally only took 15-20 minutes, which was great for people who were pressed for time.

Unfortunately, the low player count meant that it wasn't feasible for Riot to keep re-balancing it like it does for the other modes. This lead to it being horrifically unbalanced sometimes, which only contributed more to the dwindling numbers.

For those who’ve been active in Dominion right up until the end, Riot will be giving out some free stuff. If you have over 100 wins in the mode, you’ll be receiving an exclusive summoner’s icon at some point in the next two weeks.

Are you one of the 0.5% who still played Dominion?

Retiring Dominion [League of Legends]

Retiring Dominion

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