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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix: news and videos


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Serial Cleaner"Scrub Daddy"


Review in Progress: Darkwood"Never trust the shadows"


Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition"Two decades later, is Megan any less obnoxious?"


Undertale (PS4)"Wondertale"


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Raiku Shackleford

Anyone want to pay Titanfall 2 with me?

Mike Sounders

Got my plans all set for next

Anthony Marzano

What the hell, how am I only just seeing this now? This is the new Flixist El Chapo/Sean Penn picture for


Finally visited Lestalum in Goddamn its pretty, real south of France vibe going on but the people are thankfully not Le Iris is adorable, so But in FFVI section and song is just It took me on a journey


I wanna do an AMA So, I guess thats what Im doing matter how serious or ridiculous a question, Ill give you the most detailed answer I possibly



Khalid Eternal Nigh

Ive mentioned b4 Ive got no musical playing history (best I can do is learned to play pink panther on bass guitar when I was I picked this up & am learning Its sort of a rhythm Wes might be interested in this 6part


Man, do I love the Steak N Shake Frisco Melt! With a strawberry cheesecake shake of


I was at the hobby store and i ended up talking to guy about miniatures for 40 Also i found rx-78-2 and couldnt


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