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Suda51 announces killer7 for Steam at MomoCon 2018

The Suda51 panel at MomoCon got off to a rough start for those streaming it when the sound cut out for nearly 20 minutes. As fun as it was to watch Suda-san talk enthusiastically with nothing coming out of my speakers, it was better to...


Grasshopper says it's Killer7's seven-year anniversary!

Today has been officially recognized as the seven-year anniversary of Killer7, one of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful videogames ever created. Seven years ago today, the game launched in Japan. It actually came to North America two day...



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La-Mulana 2"Eg-Lana awaits"


Slender Man"He's just standing there... MENACINGLY"


Mary Skelter: Nightmares"A bloody good blobber"


Flipping Death"A true spiritual successor"


We Happy Few"What's all this, then?"


Dead Cells"Open the gates"


Pocket City"Is that a major metropolitan area in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"


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What do you think the chances of this happening are?

The Actual Charlton Heston

I hope I one day have the self confidence to grow a soul patch, look in the mirror, and say, This is good, Youre killing it with this soul I hope also to at that moment find the courage to exile myself as penance for what Ive


He even copied his god damn resume!


I love how off the mark Captain N was with some of their Id totally play a remake of Mega Man with their versions of the robot This was how they imagined

Czar Kazem

Occams got me in the When was in college my commute was just long enough to where I could put this song as I was leaving and it would finish as I was parking on #HevyDevyToid


Does anyone on here pay to participate in an early access game? I dont mean founder pack stuff in F2P titles in Dead Cells, for There is so much to play, I cant imagine buying an unfinished game, playing it, then playing it again


Does Slime-San get enough love? If not, heres what I have to Slime-San is a bloody brilliant

Virtua Kazama

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Sonic Mania! Part 5 is out!


This is making me actually want to play I’m not super into the smash style fighters, but I love Shovel knight and he looks super


In the spirit of Shades I dont think I ever properly introduced the love of my Meet Ive played games a long time, but I didnt consider myself a gamer until late in Cars was always my Love getting my hands



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