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Killer Instinct: news and videos


Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct hasn't finalized its cast yet. Come January, we'll have another combatant to contend with, and this one has a thing or two in common with series poster boy Fulgore. His name? Kilgore.

Iron Galaxy has a sizable update out now for the game, as detailed in this lovely overview video and in the extensive patch notes found here. Aside from balance tweaks for much of the Killer Instinct lineup, there are more character skins, new features for the Shadow Lords mode, and some noteworthy system changes: "Breaking a combo now restores 50% of your potential damage (was 100%)," and "Passive potential damage regeneration now begins after 3 seconds (was 1 second)."

It's unclear when precisely Kilgore will make his full playable debut, but you'll be able to go up against him beforehand. You can see more of Edward Minigunhands in this match with Kim Wu.

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