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Jazzpunk: news and videos



Please enjoy what a video game trailer can be. Remember when David Lynch directed PS2 commercials? Either just show a shit ton of gameplay, or make something cool enough to stand on its own, I say. It doesn't have to be obtuse, either. Remember that Persona 5 trailer?

Anyways, this is all to say that Jazzpunk: Director's Cut is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 20 and that you should probably buy it, because it's excellent. I first played the "first-person joke box" over three years ago, had a lovely chat with one of its developers about Pale Flower and Japanese noir, and loved every second of Airplane!-style surreal deadpan.

As the other half of Necrophone Games, Jess Brouse, explains on the PlayStation Blog:

"Suffice to say, our Jokes-Per-Minute meter is at an all time high! Some of the new content was resurrected from our faithful cutting-room floor, while others tidbits were decompressed fresh, straight out of our files! In either case, by distilling reams of precious User Data we’ve been able to strategically shoe-horn in the smattering of new content we’d always dreamed of– but didn’t know was scientifically plausible!"

The Quake-inspired arena deathmatch with a marital twist -- you shoot champagne corks and Gatling wedding cake -- is even a full, four-player competitive mode. "It includes a generous helping of unlockable characters from the single player campaign," Brouse writes, "along with a variety of Honey Moon Destinations (ie: Deathmatch Maps)."

On September 20, Jazzpunk: Director's Cut will serve as a great depository for your $15.

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