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Jagged Alliance Online: news and videos


Preview: Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the remake of Jagged Alliance 2, has a bit of controversy surrounding its new take on turn-based combat, but purists will be happy to hear that Jagged Alliance Online gives you a more traditional turn-based ...   read



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Singapore Sling

Giving up on my media blackout and going to play the RE7 demo a Might spoop my pants, I shall report back


Here are is my new Headset and umm some strange creature also known as me, with my hair tied back, ummm uhhhh *hides*


Im a member of The Dharma Namaste :3

King Kaiser

TouHoes on #MagicalGirlMonday


I almost over this Like, 95% Hopefully, all I need is one more night of rest and medicine, then tomorrow will be a brand new day!


Happy Ninja Day from your fellow ninja NinjaSpped!


Btw, the last item you acquire in Oracle of Ages is the Power Glove, AKA the same as getting socks for Do exactly the same thing the origianl one does and it is only used during the last dungeon and VERY few overworlld


Just finished Oracle of Ages 8th Now that I have a ringbox (holds 3) Im frigging loving using ring for small Quick-charge spin atk and extended pegasus are my favorites, and I just unlocked easy mode with my new half-damage ring

Jinx 01

Stellaris, Elite: Dangerous, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Owlboy, Subnautica, Sleeping Dogs, in my immediate backlog & all I play is Mercy is main, Mei is bae, & Id like to get better with Miracle didnt-die-ulting highlight


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