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Jade Empire: news and videos


Jade Empire

I don't know if BioWare can ever top its initial PC run. The studio just...nailed it, and crafted some incredible RPG experiences with actual, open role-playing. In its move to consoles (and subsequently, Electronic Arts) it added a little bit more action, then a tad more (the balance was fine with Mass Effect 2), then went overboard in Dragon Age 2.

But before that drastic tonal shift was Jade Empire. It managed to tackle morality with finesse and take us to a place that wasn't a sci-fi or traditional western fantasy wonderland. It's still one of BioWare's most ambitious and unique projects to date, and features an entire cast of characters worth connecting with.

Now you can grab it on iOS for $9.99, which features controller support in addition to touch capabilities.

Jade Empire [iOS]

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