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Jade Empire: news and videos


Jade Empire

Jade Empire is coming to iOS soon. Aspyr Media, the group responsible for iOS ports of Knights of the Old Republic and Fahrenheit, will be handling porting duties.

The game was, allegedly, supposed to release today, but some last-minute issues stopped that from happening. IGN does have a trailer that mentions today, but clearly that was jumping the gun.

This port of Jade Empire is based on the PC "Special Edition" that released in 2007. Being the only version of the game I've played, I can say that port is especially awesome. It featured texture resolutions up to 1200p, so it should look particularly nice on Retina display iPads.

No pricing has been mentioned, but given that KotOR is $14.99 on the App Store, I'm going to guess this will be the same. I suppose it's better than the Square Enix standard of $16.99 (or whatever the hell it charges).

Jade Empire is coming to iOS fashionably late - report [Eurogamer]

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