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Hyrule Warriors: news and videos


Hyrule Warriors

In just a couple of months, we'll be celebrating the two-year anniversary of Hyrule Warriors. Released in September 2014, it was the first of four games published by Nintendo that gave the flailing Wii U what little pulse it could muster for its third holiday season. As a casual fan of the musou genre, I wondered if a game with such a short campaign would be able to keep my attention. I quickly learned that the meat of the experience wasn't found in between the earnest cutscenes, but in the maps of the Adventure Mode. 

These recreations and de-makes of classic Zelda overworlds provided literally hundreds of hours of challenges, forcing players to adjust time and time again how they tackled the increasingly difficult tasks before them. This single mode has kept me coming back to this game month after month and year after year. The $20 I spent on the first season of DLC, and the three additional maps it provided, was a worthwhile investment. The $10 I just dropped on the second season of DLC looks to already be proving its worth with the addition of Link's Awakening songstress Marin.

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