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The racing game scene was once a far more colorful place. At any time you could be driving a Volkswagen Beetle through Jurassic Park or going up impossible climbs in your futuristic turbo bike. The early 3D era was, after all, a time of exp...


Contest: Win Hotshot Racing for Xbox One, PS4, or PC

In today's contest you can win Hotshot Racing for Xbox One, PS4, or PC! Racing sims are for the birds -- arcade games are where it's at! If you disagree, find another contest, because this one is all about arcadey racer Hotshot Racing, whic...



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SNK Capcom or we

Cloudman Sam

So while we all mostly agree on the technical aspects of the Demon Souls remake, how do any of you feel about the modernized soundtrack?


World tendency and monk fight still intact in Demon’s Yes!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

DoubleShake, a Mischief Makers-inspired platformer, is on Kickstarter! Looks pretty early, but I like what I see so Heres the page:


Best Buy just sent me an email to schedule my PS5 pickup and they let me schedule it for the 10th, so I guess Im getting my PS5 two days


I love reading the comments on articles about fast There are always people who commented just to say that they dont eat fast Why do I find this amusing? I Im broken inside?


My project last night was to reorganize my entertainment I labeled all my cables, added a battery backup, cleaned out lots of unnecessary cables and Feels so


My girlfriend just got introduced to the idea of Yaoi through South Bless her innocent little As an aside, I think the episode in question, TweekXCraig is actually one of the best ones theyve Im legitimately surprised I missed

Mike Sounders

My package from right stuf has Oh boy dtoid, it is finally

Joel Peterson

I am doing Extra Life again this hours of Doom Eternal on VENGEANCE FOR DAISY!!! Please watch and donate if you Thank



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