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[I hold both Hotline Miami games in high regards as they are prime examples of doing a lot with so little in terms of gameplay. The games make you take an introspective look at yourself and question whether or not you may be a bad person because you enjoy a game that is about nothing but killing, all while only having five base enemy types. As stated in the comments below I've been trying to collect my thoughts on the series for a feature like this but with one fell swoop, Christopher Harper has said nearly everything I was trying to say while also relating their own personal experiences with the series and how it helped them grow. It's long and personal but one of the best community blogs I've ever seen on the site. Also, Happy Belated Birthday! -Anthony]

Spoiler warning: This article discusses events taking place in both Hotline Miami titles, but especially the ending of 2. While many consider gameplay to be the primary hook for these titles, I highly recommend playing them as blind as possible for an ideal experience.

Note: If you are already intimately familiar with Hotline Miami 2 and would like to skip some pretext, start at "The End".

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