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Heroes of Ruin: news and videos


Review: Heroes of Ruin

It's surprising that there aren't more dungeon-crawling role-playing games on portable systems, given that the mindless combat and compulsive need to scour caverns for loot seems like a perfect handheld fit, a situation where one can just p...   read


Play a wee bit of Heroes of Ruin

Your chums at Square Enix have put up a demo for the 3DS multiplayer RPG Heroes of Ruin on the eShop. Aren't you lucky? The demo takes place in the Elder Forest, where you can faff about questing until you feel like beating up a spirit call...   read



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able to think

SW-1122-6849-1608 <-Heres my Switch friend Please add me so I can feel like Im not a social


Vastly different from the original, but this new cover fits Bayonetta 2 so Love when people can breathe new life into an older #MusicToid | Bayonetta 2 OST - Moon River (∞ Climax Mix)

Dennis Carden

Aww This just arrived today! Kind of a shame that I had to import it, as it wasnt available on the Australian iTunes Store, but at least I have it in my possession


I want a new Endless Ocean game so Walking by the ocean is driving me I tried watching LPs of the first game but they all


When you wanted a version of superion but the only colors avalible are flamboyant Also starscream :)


So thats what I got today on the Summer Sale And thats all folks, I dont plan to buy anything else right Ill be waiting for the The End Is Nigh and Sonic Mania


May as well take another break from this All these comment section flame wars keep making me even worse off after taking part in I need to just take a chill break, cause I tend to get See you guys


Yo, NSane Trilogy is out in roughly a You as excited as I am?


I watched Immortal Combat Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba team up to battle genetically-enhanced martial artists created by megalomaniac Meg


I think Halo: ODST is my favourite Halo so Wandering Mombasa Streets at night is achingly beautiful, the story and Nathan Fillions plight really stuck with me, there were some awesome set And the music is the best in the