Hawken: news and videos



Hawken is a game I keep checking back in on. When it originally released back in 2012, it seemed ahead of its time, a free-to-play shooter with AAA production values featuring mech combat. For someone who is both cheap and a mech fan, it was a done deal.

All too soon though, cracks began to show. Hawken spent a protracted period of time in a nebulous beta state (with a functioning in-game shop) and was re-tooled several times with sweeping patches that changed just about every element of the game. Eventually it was re-released on Steam in “Early Access” and then seemingly abandoned by the original developer, Adhesion Games. To the delight of the game's faithful fans, it was then picked up by Reloaded Games, but the honeymoon soon ended after another lengthy period of inactivity and few updates.

I've jumped back into the game during each major change to check on the state of things. Now, with a console release brought to us by 505 Games, is it finally time for Hawken to shine? Or will this just be another heart-breaker in its long and sordid development history? Well, you know what they say: “Fool me once...” 

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