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Half-Life 2

Half-Life 3 has become a bit of a running gag in the video game industry. With either perpetual delays or work never being started, the fate of the series is completely unknown at this point. We basically could throw out ludicrous ideas and be at the same general position that Valve is.

Half-Life 2 writer Marc Laidlaw recently had an interview with Arcade Attack where he talks about what his plans would have been for any sequels and how he would foresee the eventual Half-Life 3 to take place. Seeing as the man is no longer working at Valve, don't take any of this to be official plans.

When questioned about whether or not Half-Life 3 would ever see a release, Laidlaw pretty bluntly put it as, "No idea." I bet even if you were Gabe Newell you wouldn't have a clue. Following up that statement, Laidlaw did confirm he had ideas for an Episode 3.

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