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Guns of Icarus Online

I always liked the sound of Guns of Icarus Online. It's a competitive multiplayer game in which players work together to control a steampunk airship and take on other teams. Someone physically steers the vessel, while others man turrets, spot enemy ships, and put out fires. It's one of those games that you probably don't want to get into unless you can assemble a decent, reliable group -- that's been my thinking these past few years, anyway. I can't be alone.

The game is getting an Adventure Mode, though. It's called Alliance, and it's going to pull in a whole new batch of players who, like me, have been intrigued by Guns of Icarus but would prefer to focus more on teamwork than competition with real people. In this expansion, you're facing off against AI-controlled ships with your fellow crew members. It's PvE, not PvP.

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