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Theseus"Another tragic tale"


Miitopia"Make new friends but keep the old"


Sundered"Beauty and the Beast"


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Wtf HIMYM is so good Im only on season two but I love #likeadifferentseinfeld #fuckfriendz


Nintndo patched that infinite ticket glitch, but luckily I didnt play Splatoon yesterday so my games not Its ticket collecting time!

Czar Kazem

Finally treating myself to celebrate the new job, and tomorrow to celebrate a friends new (Yeah its Thursday but Im still on retail schedule for two days dammit)

Michael Giff

Spent hours farming Pizzas and Magical Scrolls in TNMNT for the I got further than my patience has ever allowed only to be slain by that immortal turtles Mr Porcupine? Seriously only two continues?


Ive been listening to The World Ends With You OST since Ravenclaw posted one of them Its so Here, have a listen if it pleases

Sarah Jane Farron

Tonight was really I went to a short film workshop where we made a 4 min LGBT focused I went to a short workshop tonight and then a film screening and alongside others, got to see it on a cinema screen! It was great meeting with people


Prepare your audio device or TOOL and listen to this #Magic

Drew Stuart

Well, Im on my way to review The Emoji Fucking kill me


EDIT: Ignore Double I blame white #Selfhatred


Finished Chapter 2 of Life is Strange so Im sharing more Like before more detailed thoughts (rant) in the TL;DR version: Storys getting Character development, yay! Decisions that are harder than Supermans


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