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Rockstar has a new in-game item that ties its most recent, relevant, and popular games together (sorry LA Noire). John Marston's iconic sidearm is spanning across Red Dead Redemption, GTA Online, and the upcoming Red Dead sequel.

As of today, Rockstar has officially started a new treasure hunt event in GTA Online. It's for Red Dead's double-action revolver. Players can find it in GTA's Los Santos and use the gun to their heart's content.

Proficient use reaps more rewards, though. The revolver has a challenge associated with it for getting 50 headshots on anything. Anyone who completes the challenge earns $250,000 in in-game currency. More importantly, doing it unlocks the gun in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One. (It seems as if everything's funneled through Rockstar's Social Club.)

There's no mention of this being a timed event, so it seems like you're free to wait on your six-shootin' as long as you want. But it'll help Marston's ghost rest easy knowing that you're thinking of him while terrorizing the fine citizens of Los Santos.

Uncover the Double-Action Revolver [Rockstar Games]

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