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God of War III: news and videos


God of War III

Kratos has successfully killed the God of War, Ares. He has challenged Zeus, the King of the Gods, and lived. What's next? Well, take down all of Olympus, of course. In the latest and final installment of the God of War trilogy, that's exactly what Kratos intends to do.

Fans of the series expect great things, since the previous installments of the franchise held up as some of the best gaming experiences of all time. The God of War III team could have simply slapped a new coat of paint on the existing formula, dreamed up some big boss battles, and called it a day. We would have been happy; that's what we were expecting. 

But the final result is something more than fancy new HD clothing. Instead, it's a game that redefines scale in action games, one of the few titles that truly hammers home the meaning of "last-gen." God of War III is like nothing you've ever seen or experienced in gaming. The end has begun, and you are not ready.

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