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It may only be March, but I'd wager the cast of Gnosia is the most infatuating group of eclectic weirdos we'll see in gaming this year. The 14 characters that make up the passengers of this wayward spaceship are a diverse bunch, w...


I can't stop thinking about Gnosia

Unlike with most of the past Nintendo presentations, this week's Indie World showcase really didn't have a lot for me. I'm moderately interested in Among Us and I guess I should probably get around to playing Spelunky, but really, only...



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I wouldve much rathered Half-Life 2: Episode 2 just ended with this,

Shut Up Ace

After Work Monster Hunting! Monster Hunter Rise! Thou shalt tell AceyP to shut up!


Slowly carving my way through Tsushima, one Mongol at a This here is He had just started his orientation at Mongol Inc and was assigned to a small Farm in The union won’t be happy about his workplace


Little alligator lizard somehow got into my Was chilling in my kitchen and I almost accidentally stepped on Its outside

Virtua Kazama

Its time to BEGIN NEW Were going live with the next entry of the VF Takeover Bi-Weekly series, The New Beginning!


Work is getting a bit What games can you think that do exploration exceedingly well? Not necessarily chill games, I just wanna get lost


I received a package, took a photo of it, but am too lazy to post it It just contained a binder for a retro gaming


Is the vaccine supposed to make my balls tingle?


My first transition Love Lauren has worked doubles for a few days now, but we get a few days together this week and I cant We are trying to do the adult thing and date a year before moving in Not Its my weekend!

Czar Kazem

I fucking love Makoto mimicking my AAAAH ITS JUST LIKE SOTENBORI AAAHHHH moment



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