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[Spoilers for the end of Galak-Z below.]

The conclusion of Galak-Z's original four-season story mode ends on an ominous note. A-Tak and his crewmates in the Axelios have fought and scraped and bled their way through half the galaxy and it looks like they're finally in the clear. But, the Baron of the Imperial fleet chimes in on the communicator. He smugly reveals, in classic villainous fashion, that all they've accomplished is the certain doom of their home planet, Earth. Unknowingly, A-Tak did the dirty work for the Empire, taking out the competition, leaking the previously hidden coordinates of Earth, and serving it all up on a silver platter. Played like a damn fiddle.

With Earth's own fleet in tatters, and no way to warn home of the impending armada heading their way, it looked like the plucky crew of the Axelios was going to have to wage a one-ship war against an entire army. It was an exciting cliffhanger to end on, a nod to the classic anime that inspired 17-Bit Studios, and one it promised to address in a final, post-release fifth season update.

Fans have spent the past eight months looking at a “Coming Soon” message on the season select screen. Patiently waiting for the chance to take on the Imperial fleet and the Baron. To finally end A-Tak's story once and for all.

So, who's ready for an endless score-attack mode instead? 

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