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Tricky action game Furi adds Invincible mode

Furi is an adrenaline-pumping action game -- but it also has a cool world, characters, and story. In an effort to help more players make it to the end, The Game Bakers has added a new Invincible mode, available today on PC. The studio envis...


Furi isn't flawless on Switch but it's still darn good

A few minutes into Furi's new Nintendo Switch port and all the moments of pain, satisfaction, and calming relief came rushing back to me. The Game Bakers' hybrid melee action and twin-stick shooting game has made the transition about as wel...


Furi hits the Nintendo Switch eShop next Thursday

The Game Bakers is bringing its boss-rush action game Furi to Switch next Thursday, January 11. The Switch port is priced at $20 and includes bonuses like the "One More Fight DLC, the option to speedrun its ultra-challenging Furier diffic...


Boss fight action game Furi coming to Nintendo Switch

The boss-rush action game Furi is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2018 and that means I've got a whole new group of potential players to flag down. This game is great! Also, aggravating. But mostly great! It's part melee combat, part twi...


Furi's new boss fight DLC is out today alongside a PS4 patch

There's a reason to revisit the boss fight gauntlet Furi this week if you're on PC or PlayStation 4, as those versions of the game have gotten a new boss, The Flame, who was previously only accessible to Xbox One players. He's a part of th...


PS4 and PC players are getting Furi's One More Fight DLC soon

Furi is adding another name to its gauntlet of bosses. The Xbox One version launched with an extra, then-exclusive fight packed in -- an encounter with a multi-armed boss named The Flame -- and now he's coming to the PC and PlayStation 4 ve...


Furi is coming to Xbox One next month

While Furi is a hard sell given it's "boss fight only" pivot, it's pretty much made for me, having grown up on experiences like Punch Out!! on the NES. Oh, and the bullet hell angle doesn't hurt either. If you don't already own it on P...


Boss fighter Furi headed to Xbox One with a new battle

The Game Bakers made a very cool experience in Furi, a twin-stick action game that's hinged on a gauntlet of boss battles. A bunch of folks played it on PS4 through PlayStation Plus, and now even more people will have the chance to be beat...

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Today's Furi patch addresses noisy PS4 fans and bugs

I love and sometimes loathe Furi, the tough twin-stick action/shooter title that released earlier this month from The Game Bakers. Every time I boot up my PlayStation 4, its icon is right there on the home screen, challenging me to get to w...

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Review: Furi

I was immediately on board with Furi. I'll never tire of well-designed boss fights, and it sounded refreshing to have an entire game centered around intense, prolonged one-on-one battles without hired goons or skill upgrades bogging you dow...

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Boss-battling action game Furi hits PC, PS4 soon

Cool as it looks, Furi is one of those games that can easily get lost in the shuffle. Let's not let that happen! As a refresher, this is a boss-combat game with swordfighting, twin-stick shooting, dodging, parrying, and other swell-sounding...

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This nine-minute, no-death Furi boss fight is stressful

A couple of days ago, we were able to see snippets of Furi, an upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC shooter/action game centered around boss fights, and I thought it looked promising. Now, here's a full playthrough of that same encounter by the t...

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Furi is one to watch this year for action game fans

Furi looks like a medley of action-game concepts with a heavy emphasis placed on prolonged boss battles and some bullet-hell-style projectile patterns thrown in for good measure. Similar to Chris, I'm hopeful the idea is crazy enough to wor...

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Wow, upcoming action title Furi looks amazingly slick

Well I didn't see this one coming. Development studio The Game Bakers (creators of Squids Odyssey) has announced Furi, a really rad-looking action game that's set to debut in 2016 on PC and PS4. Evidently the entire affair is heavily f...



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