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Fortnite: news and videos



Epic Games still has plans to release Fortnite, its co-op sandbox survival title that was originally announced back in 2011. Folks have been participating in alpha builds for some time now, but as far as a full, honest-to-god release, there hasn't been much movement. The game still exists, though!

This week at the Game Developers Conference, Epic's Tim Sweeny confirmed that Fortnite will be playable this year and follow an iterative process similar to Paragon, according to Polygon.

The production has taken long enough that I'm seriously starting to wonder how the game will fare when it does become widely available. There's no shortage of these types of open-ended, base-building survival games, so it clearly has to do something special to stand above the rest, but even then there are no guarantees that it'll resonate with a large audience. This is a curious one indeed.

Fortnite will get an open beta by 2018 [Polygon]

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