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Final Fantasy XV broke even on launch day, actually

Before Final Fantasy XV arrived, Square Enix was projecting super hard regarding the sales targets they'd need to hit to break even. They gave some Square Enix-ey high number, and actively looked worried that they wouldn't hit it. As i...


Final Fantasy XV shipments break the 6 million mark

It's hip to be Square nowadays, as Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV is now reported to have exceed six million total worldwide shipments including digital sales. It won't break any records for Final Fantasy let alone video games as ...


Here's what carries over in Final Fantasy XV's New Game+ mode

Although Japan got the jump with the announcement, the west is also getting the "Holiday Update" for Final Fantasy XV. In fact, it's already here, ready to download on PS4. It comes with a jumbled bunch of holiday items, and if you're a Sea...


Final Fantasy XV glitch makes Areana a permanent party member

Just so I don't get yelled at for spoilers, here's a paragraph of unrelated nonsense to fill out anywhere text would automatically fill up. Go watch the trailer for The Mummy -- it's a Tom Cruise-led, militarized Hollywood ACTION!!! remake ...


Final Fantasy XV is down to $35 on Amazon today

One of 2016's latest releases is getting a deep discount right before the year's over. Final Fantasy XV launched only three weeks ago, but it's already $25 off. Square Enix's ten-years-in-the-making Final Fantasy XV is the subject...


Final Fantasy XV's first paid DLC will feature Gilgamesh

As a very minor spoiler, remember when Gladio goes off for a hot second to do his own thing in Final Fantasy XV, then promptly returns? That's the basis for the first DLC. As we already knew Gladio is the focus, and each DLC will in turn fo...


Welp, this Cup Noodle XV trailer is now a thing that exists

Back in September, we covered Square Enix's collaboration with Nissin in order to add its Cup Noodle product range into the long-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. Not only was Square Enix to feature Cup Noodles as a consumable item in its then-...


Square Enix president coming to Final Fantasy XV as DLC

Prior to launch, Square Enix streamed a special promotional cut of Final Fantasy XV which ended in a boss fight versus Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda. Game director Hajime Tabata confirmed in a stream that it will be available as...

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Live action Final Fantasy XV trailer channels Goonies

Square Enix has released what might be the final trailer for the game that started life as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Yep, XV is out, and it's way better than XIII. The concept of young children hunting an Iron Giant has very little to...

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Review: Final Fantasy XV

The fact that Final Fantasy XV starts with a broken down car is the perfect analogy to its development cycle. Some of us have been waiting 10 years for this game. Others couldn't care less. Square Enix has been allocating so many resou...


$35 Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One on Black Friday

Someone took the crazy pill at Microsoft Store because we're spotting some ridiculously good pricing on recently released and upcoming games. While Battlefield 1 for $27 wasn't that big of a surprise, the pre-order of Final Fantasy XV ...


Of course you can take selfies in Final Fantasy XV

Press releases, demos, anime, movies, trailers, gameplay videos, chunks of the final game, action figures, PlayStation Pro compatibility, interviews, Q&As, DLC, name changes, virtual reality experiences, apologies, cars, key visual...


Tabata offers excuse for Final Fantasy XV demo bugs

It must be hard on Tabata having to apologize yet again. Then again, Japanese people sure love apologizing. At the very least he offers a reasonable explanation why there are a significant number of glitches in the Japan-only Judgement Disc...


Final Fantasy XV will get at least two PS4 Pro patches

Square Enix is pulling out all the stops before Final Fantasy XV's launch with yet another demo, after the two Duscae offerings and the Platinum Demo. It's for Japan only for both PS4 and Xbox One, and will be called Judgment Disc. Exc...


Final Fantasy XV's countdown led to...Moogles?

Moogles seem to be the universally loved creatures of the Final Fantasy series, and they're making their way into yet another mainline game. After their commanding appearance in the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, those adorabl...

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Final Fantasy XV countdown site suggests big news

Square Enix has launched a countdown site for Final Fantasy XV that'll end on October 5, 4:00AM GMT. There are no hints or leaks at what the reveal could be but some rumors are already circulating: another delay, a PC version of FFXV, ...



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