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Final Fantasy XIV: news and videos


Final Fantasy XIV

Over at the Japan Fanfest this past weekend, Square Enix gave us a little bit more info on Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, the game's second expansion. First off the launch date -- June 20, 2017. That "secret" class that they revealed in Las Vegas is now officially the Red Mage, and will wield both black and white magic as well as melee abilities.

As always in the MMO field things could change, but pre-orders are set to go live on January 24, with a collector's edition in tow. The expansion will also see the return of Nobuo Uematsu, who will reveal the game's title track in February. As for other little tidbits, it'll have swimming (in specific bodies of water), a new beast tribe, a unique Primal (Summon/Aeon), and an Ivalice-like raid.

That all sounds dope! These come at the perfect time, once all the previous content starts to wear its welcome out.

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