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I like crabs. Do you like crabs? I keep a small group of hermit crabs as pets, one has been with me for over a decade now. So, my first question when going into Fight Crab was, “can I play as a hermit crab?” The answer is no, sa...



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Dont let Steve distract you from the fact that ITS ORKTOBER TIME!!!


I never really could get into It’s just not my But it sure is interesting seeing how people react to it’s announced

Lord Spencer

What no one noticed here is that Smash now actually has a playable zombie, which is huge for gaming’s most reliable cannon


The monkeys paw has curled a second time and my wishes for Sans Undertale and Minecraft Steve in Smash have come I cant wait for that third finger to curl — cant wait for Master Chief to waltz in but its Halo 5 Master Chief and everyone


Smash is great and all, but it has totally overshadowed the new Borat 2 Cant wait I love a good


The shipping date for my 3080 changed from Jan 4 to Nov Nothing is ever certain with these things ofc but fingers crossed!


Another DLC reveal, another day I realize I stopped playing Smash the day Piranha Plant launched


You know, Im not as salty about Minecraft as I thought I would It wouldnt have been my choice personally, but after whos been added so far, I think Minecraft is fair



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