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Very Quick Tips: Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry: New Dawn is out, and as usual there's some crafty mechanics to manage. Crafty, get it? Because Far Cry by and large focuses on crafting. Hold your applause until the end.



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Chris Moyse

Im so In absolutely every single I might be off next week, so theres But right now I can barely Its all so exhausting and


Yesterday I went into four stores that all had a Switch to sell, walked to the salesperson, said to them Hi, Id like to buy a-this and then proceeded to point at the nearest Needless to say, folks were gasping at the adulting that went on


I think Streets of Rage 4 is going in my top 10 games of all The Survival Mode alone is It hits nostalgia just Plays Im having trouble finding any problems with Um, its not on the Genesis, so doesnt sound as dope?


It was really fun reading all the posts from my last QPost! You guys never cease to be awesome :)


Realtek audio problems yet I dont know what is with these ASUS X570 Prime Pro boards but I just cant seem to use my front or back I/O port audio jacks and its


Returnal Log: Well, that “30 min run” sure turned into an Beat 2nd boss after several tries, blitzed around biome 3 and it’s sure Making steady progress with some bs runs in Think I’ll try to explore biome 1


Im having second thoughts about She has a fundamental issue that all of her pyro has ICD (all good pyro units have at least one attack that ignores If they dont change it she will be the weakest 5-star next to


Finished up this butcher, who will be my Never actually played a game of AoS, but signed up for a campaign through some local(ish) Its open to newbies, so Im pretty excited to get some games in and learn along the



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