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There are plenty of people who’ve been introduced to the Fallout series thanks to the recently released Fallout 4. That means there are also plenty of people who might like to go back and play the older games to see how far it’s come. Let’s be honest, though: Fallout 1 is a very difficult game to get into these days. It came out 18 years ago after all, and it's nothing like the more recent releases.

Well don’t worry, as Fallout: The Story is a mod for Fallout New Vegas currently in development aimed to recreate Fallout as accurately as it possibly can while retaining the modern gameplay of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4.

Usually when these mods are announced, we have to wait years and years for there to be any sign of progress. This time it seems as though they’ve already made quite a fair bit of headway in the project: two of the Vaults are 100% complete, and work is progressing on other settlements like The Hub, Necropolis and Shady Sands.

They’ve even managed to port the navigation system of the older games into New Vegas. Fallout wasn’t a continuous open world back then. Instead, there was an overworld map and nodes indicating major settlements. The Story includes this system as well as the random encounters and events it included.

The video up top shows the very early portions of the game, where the Vault Dweller must leave Vault 13 to find a replacement water chip. The voice acting is uh… not great (thanks, copyright laws), and making an isometric map explorable in first person feels kind of weird, but otherwise it seems like a pretty dang faithful recreation of the Fallout I remember.

Best of all, this mod only requires New Vegas. You can pick that up in the currently running Steam sale for dirt cheap. And you can get the original Fallout too if you want to compare it to the mod. You might need a bit of jiggery-pokery to get it to work on modern systems though.

You can follow the development of the mod over at Nexus, or on the developer’s Youtube channel, which shows way more of the mod than just Vault 13. Right now it isn't available for download, but considering how much work has already been pumped into the project I wouldn't expect an incredibly long wait.

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