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The evil genius archetype is one that fascinates me. It’s not that outlandish that an eccentric megalomaniac could gather a group of underlings and launch a campaign against the world, but I can’t convince a courier to leave a p...



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Silver the 3rd

One time I got banned from a fb dead space group because I pointed out that dead space 1 and 2 are broken on PC, and that its tragic that EA has done nothing to fix mod said it must be my bad pc, to which I replied with the PC wiki, and got b&

Whispering Willow

Feeling like with all these semiconductor shortages this generation isnt really going to get rolling for a bit and cross-gen ports will be more of a norm for longer than some would

Silver the 3rd

This is technically the first (and only) perfect 100 on metacritic am sure by the time this gets noticed it will be brought down pretty soon, but I enjoy this little fact


Im really hoping things go well for Hector in this last season of


I miss Weekend


I finally got around to playing Astral Chain (bought it on a whim yesterday at GameStop) and honestly, I feel the same way about this as W101: interesting world and concepts, not so sure about the


I see Rogue Legacy is on sale on the eshop for I Yeah or nah?I think I remember playing a little of it before on pc and finding it kinda Although I also rememeber the getting to play as different descendats being really


Wrist is starting to hurt from all my


Wrist is starting to hurt from all my


I wouldve much rathered Half-Life 2: Episode 2 just ended with this,



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