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Europa Universalis IV: news and videos


Europa Universalis IV

Cossacks? Old news. I'm only snickering a little bit that their name sounds like "cocksacks." We've got ocean effects up in the hood now, man. This map's sparkling like never before. The latest Europa Universalis IV expansion opens up the briny deep to routes, that is. Not like some Aquaman business. Could he control the water or just the fish? All species of sea life? I mean dolphins are mammals that's kind of messed up, one step from being able to control us.

"Mare Nostrum," which is coming "soon." will disrupt EUIV naval strategies. "For example, your coastal provinces produce sailors who will be needed to man and repair the warships and transports you have come to rely on. A new mission system for naval orders simplifies naval management, and the Barbary Coast nations of North Africa can now raid their neighbors for gold and sailor conscripts."

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